A poem: Nature

“And God said let there be……and God saw that it was good.” Everything God created is good. We need to rejoice in that. But with life being life, we sometimes end up not seeing the beauty of it all. On Sunday (17th), in the company of my sister and two other friends, we went for a nature walk in a forest called Njukiri forest. We had fun watching monkeys and just appreciating the beauty of it all. That’s is what prompted me to write a poem about Nature. It is my first time writing a poem, and I most probably haven’t adhered to poetry rules. Happy reading!

Life out there is so beautiful,

Full of wonderful creations from God.

But in this fast- paced world,

It is impossible to see the beauty of it all.

And so,

Would you just take a moment and come with me,

To the forest.

Put aside all those worries and anxieties,

And just take in the beauty around.

Let it put your mind at ease.

Come relish in the gently moving breeze,

As it chills and softly strokes your face.

Listen to its soft whisper,

As it sways the trees and stirs its leaves,

Making them dance so gracefully.

Let us revel in the beautiful scenery,

Of the azure blue butterfly,

Whose wings are stretched wide,

As it flutters around wild flowers,

Or gently landing on a leaf.

We’ll walk to where the birds are perched up high,

Nuzzled in the warmth of the trees,

As they tweet and sing.

In a little while, they will lift their wings and fly,

In search of nectar and food.

Spare some time occasionally,

To just take in the beauty of nature.

The world is a phenomenal place,

God Himself said it is good.

And so amidst all the ups and down of life,

Spare some time,

To just take in the beauty of it all.

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