A poem: Nature

“And God said let there be……and God saw that it was good.” Everything God created is good. We need to rejoice in that. But with life being life, we sometimes end up not seeing the beauty of it all. On Sunday (17th), in the company of my sister and two other friends, we went for a nature walk in a forest called Njukiri forest. We had fun watching monkeys and just appreciating the beauty of it all. That’s is what prompted me to write a poem about Nature. It is my first time writing a poem, and I most probably haven’t adhered to poetry rules. Happy reading!

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Let go of the burden of perfectionism

Do you always feel the urge to be perfect in everything? like for instance, you get very upset when you are trying out a new dish, but it doesn’t come out as beautiful as the one you saw in the recipe book, yet you are not a chef. Do you usually crave the approval of others? Are you a terrible procrastinator because you fear failing or not doing a task perfectly, and so you’d rather not do it? Do you usually feel guilty when you make simple mistakes because they make you feel like a failure? Does negative feedback or criticism make you defensive?

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Laying a firm foundation.

Early this week, I visited some friends who had abruptly moved from their house. The reason they had moved out, is because they had received a notice, which stated that they had to vacate within 12 hours, because the building they were living in, was at risk of collapsing.

Such stories are not unfamiliar.

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How do you know that you are truly born again? (Part B)

Am I truly saved?

This is a question almost every Christian will wrestle with at some point in their lives. But the good thing is that, God hasn’t left us out to guess whether we are truly saved or not.

From the Scriptures, it’s actually his desire for us to know that we are saved. 1st John 5:13, “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.” (Hebrews 6:11, 10:22).

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The life of Gladys Aylward.

This week, our focus is in the life of Gladys Aylward. She was a missionary to China. In case you missed it, we’ve already looked at the life of William Wilberforce and John Bunyan. Please check them out too.

In order to understand her life better, consider the following scenario:

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